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2019-07-16高三英语作文:我的高中生活My High School Life
标签:捏一把汗 tzzz mg电子游戏心得

  As a Senior Grade Three students, I am very busy in preparing for the college entrance examination. I have ... [查看全文]


  网络用语应该被禁止吗? Should Internet Slang Be Prohibited?  At present, Internet Slang, such as GG, MM, Xia... [查看全文]


  外卖风靡校园The Popularity of Take-out Food in School  Nowadays, as the more choices for students in the scho... [查看全文]

2019-07-16高三英语作文:一个梦想A Dream

  A dream is to a man what wings are to a bird. With a dream in the deep heart's core, a man is spont... [查看全文]

2019-07-16高三英语作文:友谊 Friendship

  The term, friend, covers a wide range of meanings. It can be a nodding acquaintance, a comrade, a partner, ... [查看全文]

2019-07-16高三英语作文:Living alone or Living with Roommates

  Nowadays, there has appeared a heated discussion among the college students as to whether they should live al... [查看全文]

2019-07-16高三英语作文:My View on Film Quality Deterioration

  It is very hard for us today to find films as exciting as they were in the past. Famous films from 1950s... [查看全文]

2019-07-16高三英语作文:My hometown

  My hometown is in Yumen, although the scenery there is less wuyi mountain scenery is beautiful, but in my h... [查看全文]

2019-07-16高三英语作文:网上医疗服务 Online Medical Service

  Since the invention of computer, the world has come to the information stage. Today, people can do almost al... [查看全文]

2019-07-16高三英语作文:小小设计师 The Little Designer

  Every girl loves fashion, when they see the models walking on the stage, they will be attracted and want to... [查看全文]